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11. März 2009

YGL named Obama Advisor

Van Jones goes to Obamas White House

Van Jones, Young Gobal Leader since 2005 in Zermatt, founding president of Green For All and a senior fellow with the Center for American Progress, will be going to the White House.

Van Jones, Founding President Green for All on the way to Obamas White House

Van Jones in action at the Young Global Leaders YGL Annual Summit in Dalian, China during the World Economic Forum in 2007.

Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

He will be at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. His job will be to help shape the administration’s energy and climate policy, so that climate solutions produce jobs and justice for all Americans. He is going to be the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

On his announcement he dispells rumors which called Van Jones the new “Green Jobs Czar”.

“I am not going to be any kind of  “Czar.”  If anyone were to be the “Green Jobs Czar” (a position that does not exist), it would and should be Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. She was an original sponsor of the Green Jobs Act of 2007. Obama appointed her as the first Latina – and first green leader – to head the Department of Labor. Can anyone say “Green Jobs Czarina”? Also, rumors that I will be handing out big piles of Recovery Act cash are utterly false. Unfortunately. :)

Van Jones is also a TIME Magazine 2008 Environmental Hero, one of Fast Company’s 12 Most Creative Minds of 2008, and the the New York Times Bestselling author of The Green Collar Economy (Harper One 2008), which is endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle and Al Gore.

Green For All’s New Leader is Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

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